Sabatti str desert

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Sabatti str desert

Toggle navigation Home. While its predecessor, the Tactical Syn. The barrel is 0. Among the range of tactical rifles, this one comes standard with a thread cup and professional muzzle brake with radial holes designed for precision target shooting. For true tactical applications, a 3-chamber compensator is available on request. The bolt features an interchangeable tactical handle and an external magazine release lever particularly suitable for the faster pace of competitions.

The trigger on this tactical rifle is either the three-lever Match or, on request, the new two-stage Match trigger DSMT. The Tactical modular butt and grip are machined from two solid blocks of high resistance Ergal 55 light alloy.

On our tactical rifles there is a fully adjustable butt stock that can be folded to a smaller size for ease of transportation. Three additional rails on the hand guard can accommodate any accessory a shooter may want. While the action rail is in steel, the mating full-length top Picatinny rail and the side rails are all machined from solid billets of Ergal 55 alloy. A synthetic rod connects the barrel cover to the stock body to facilitate free-standing shooting or for ease of transportation with folded stock.However, a look at their website shows a wide range of firearms - double, single and combination guns, bolt-action centrefires for target, hunting and tactical use.

They have now been picked up by Range Right and I checked out their product line at IWA last year and it looked interesting! Last year, in the Czech Republic, I got to shoot a rifle called the Mercury, which is in fact a Sabatti Compact Scout and it was a nice piece of kit. The major differences are a standard extractor claw and a bolt release lever at the left of the action.

So we are starting off with a proven design, which is the base for their Rover series of centrefires. Most obvious is the big, heavy profile 0.

Most interesting is that Sabatti has dispensed with the normal land and groove rifling form and instead uses what they describe as Multi Radial Rifling MRR. The idea has been around since and has swung in and out of favour.

Which should add up to improved accuracy and performance. Detractors say that being hammer forged, it needs careful stress relieving to achieve maximum accuracy and is not as good as cut-rifling.

Uh...oops! Something Broke.

We shall see! Group concentration is substantially improved due to the extremely tight tolerances that can be kept while manufacturing MRR barrels.

sabatti str desert

As a matter of fact it lends itself perfectly to our cold hammer forging. The resulting rifling profile improves consistency and overall barrel quality is increased. The specific geometry of the forcing cone makes it possible for the chamber neck and free bore to guide the bullets into the rifling more precisely and steadily than with the traditional systems — the bullet matches the barrel axis in the best possible way thus reducing the fliers.

The barrelled action sits in a machined, aluminium alloy chassis with a Adjustment allows you to alter the comb height, length of pull LOP and recoil pad height for that exact fit. The 20 MOA down-bubble is useful for true long range use, but you do need a commensurate optic with enough adjustment to cope with zeroing.

From its plastic carry case the rifle comes with a Hogue, rubber, over-moulded AR15 pistol grip. This configuration allows you to fit any compatible AR handle too! The trigger guard void is big and deep, so no problems with gloved fingers. The STR is no lightweight, tipping the scale at around 14 lbs un-scoped, but it is what it is!

Sabatti describes the trigger mech as a 3-lever design and make no mention as to adjustability. The action cocks on opening and the bolt lever is a long tear drop style that offers plenty to get hold of! I set this up in Sportsmatch, reach-forward mounts. I chose to use a moderator as I would be outside and wanted to keep it as quite as possible.

The STR comes together well and when adjusted feels like part of you.

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Unfortunately, the weather did not allow pushing the range due to rain, but if results at m were indicative of ability, then I have few complaints.

I started off with the grain GGG, which was quoting fps with the rifle achieving fps, with an extreme spread ES of 26 fps and a 0. The Precision Hunter states fps and was giving fps with a 49 fps ES and. Best, and most surprising of all, was the grain Superformance, which was cutting one-hole groups little larger than.The first impression is one of a big rifle, long at 48 inches, heavy at 6.

The Mk2 is an update of the first generation Sabatti Tactical rifle, now having a long action for all calibres, including short cartridges like the 6mm XC and 6. The action remains reminiscent of a Remingtonwith dual-opposed locking lugs, recessed bolt face and a spring-loaded extractor. The MRRS see accompanying diagram is said to deliver higher muzzle velocity, improved group concentration, fewer fliers, less copper deposit, reduced barrel wear and less need for cleaning. According to Sabatti, the actions and locking bolts are machined from solid blocks of high-resistance steel alloy and then heat-treated for maximum strength and durability.

The ejector is a plunger type and the extractor is a spring-loaded claw. The right hand locking lug is grooved along its length to align the bolt with the corresponding rib on the receiver wall.

The high-resistance composite stock features a desert camouflage finish and a cheek-piece which is adjustable both vertically and laterally.

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The stock can be lengthened by means of spacers ahead of the butt-pad. An aftermarket butt-piece can be adjusted higher or lower. The butt-pad is of soft rubber composite that grips onto other substances, ensuring non-slip shoulder contact.

I managed to get seven rounds into the 6-round maga- zine. Apart from the name, it looks exactly like the magazine on my Victrix rifle, which takes only five rounds. When test-firing the Sabatti, I initially had a couple of miss-feeds from the magazine because the cartridges would tip up, bullet first, and get stuck before entering the chamber.

With use this seemed to sort itself out; later during the tests, I experienced no further feeding problems. Monday, 06 August Read times. Read the full article in the September issue of Magnum. Rate this item 1 2 3 4 5 0 votes.

Last modified on Monday, 06 August font size. On Sale from 18 April!I sold the rifle brand new not that long ago and it basically proves 'TOO EASY' to hit an 8 inch target gong at yards, hence the reason for trading it in! He also wants to start live quarry shooting and decided this is ever so slightly on the heavy side for carting about woodland and the open hill, especially if he also has something to drag back too!

A genuine shot count of maximum, the barrel is hardly even shot in and has been meticulously cleaned during as well as after each shooting session. With performance approaching that of a. With the radical new rifling found in this rifle the performance on target is also expected to be high.

This has been developed by Sabatti over a number of years and involves a new rifling profile, where two different radiuses alternate in order to slightly alter the bullet geometry without actually cutting it as traditional rifling does.

sabatti str desert

The end result is that these barrels clearly out perform their traditional counterparts with both standard lead as well as monolithic projectiles. Other benefits are listed as increased accuracy, less copper deposits so less cleaning required. Cleaning is also much easier to do and perhaps a BIG consideration for target shooters is a prolonged barrel life over standard due to less wear. Proof, as they say, is in the pudding. So far the rifle is receiving great reviews and performing VERY well for those with one already in their cabinet as well as test rifles sent for evaluation in the press etc.

You have to look twice to actually see the join. OK, that may not say a lot to the average shooter but when a company go to the trouble of finishing a rifle off to this standard it SHOULD.

The large capacity vertical stack detachable magazine even has an oversize release lever to match the well-proportioned bolt knob. As would be expected these days the stock is adjustable for length, but plate height and cheek rest and also folds just behind the ergonomic pistol grip.

The main chassis is machined from a solid block of high grade aluminium to ensure a perfect bed and fit to the action etc. Finishing the whole rifle off a muzzle break to minimize barrel flip and recoil is also included. Rifle as pictured weighs in at approx. Forgot your password? Advert Login Register. Guns Rifles Sabatti Bolt Action. This item was for sale as of15 Apr Email Seller.

sabatti str desert

View dealers other items. Share Email Print. Please login or register to share this advert details. Please login or register to send yourself these advert details. All fields are required. Note: Log in to prevent the challenge being shown.The Sabatti STR bolt-action rifle is the latest addition to the already comprehensive range of tactical rifles manufactured by Sabatti.

However, while its predecessor, the tactical synthetic model, was designed mainley for precision target shooting, the STR has been created for tactical "field" applications where superior accuracy is required.

The STR rifle packs a lot of features for the money. The bolt action features an interchangeable tactical knob and an external magazine release lever particularly suitable for the fast pace of competitions. The trigger on this long distance rifle is either the three lever Match or, on request, the new two stage Match trigger DSMT. The Tactical modular butt stock is fitted with aluminum chassis, new forend and butt stock milled from a high resistance bars of Egal 55 alloy on CNC machines.

An integrate Anschutz stile rail and a rear bag rider on butt stock, assure a stability for bench shooting. Moreover, the lock of plastic structure parts give to this long distance rifle superior durability.

Anodizing finish in red color. More details Add to cart!

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Please remember to check product availability prior to your journey. McAvoy Guns. Contact us. Sabatti centerfire rifles. More details. Add to cart. Sabatti STR sport red. Important links. About us. Special Offers. To create online store ShopFactory eCommerce software was used.However, while its predecessor, the Tactical Syn. The STR rifle comes with the Sabatti signature short action and a 7-round magazine 5 rounds for the Italian market.

The barrel is 0. The rifle comes standard with a thread cup and professional muzzle brake with radial holes designed for precision target shooting.

The Tactical modular stock butt and grip are machined from two solid blocks of high resistance Ergal 55 light alloy.

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While the action rail is in steel, the mating full-length top Picatinny rail and the side rails are all machined from solid billets of Ergal 55 alloy. A synthetic rod connects the barrel cover to the stock body to facilitate free-standing shooting or for ease of transportation with folded stock. Sabatti S.

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A has designed and introduced a unique rifling profile with different features over that of traditional rifling that, despite its overall effectiveness, has limitations especially when it comes to lead free bullets. Every area of the bore in concave. There is no convex point protruding towards the center of the bore.

sabatti str desert

Consequently the bullets are only mildly misshaped and not cut like in traditional rifling which extends the life cycle of the barrel. Also there are no sharp corners to fill like in polygonal rifling.

With multi-radial barrels two different raduses alternate in order to slightly misshape the bullet geometry without cutting it and submitting it to extreme stress.

Sabatti Tactical Scout

All the tests that Sabatti have carried out on multi-radial barrels prove that — under similar circumstances — less copper deposits inside the barrels and, therefore, less cleaning is required. Also, when needed, cleaning is much easier to do than with traditional rifling.

Multi-radial barrels have also proven to perform better and with more accuracy than barrels with traditional rifling using traditional lead bullets in cal. These are all the reasons why multi-radial rifling is truly ideal for target and competition shooting. And this is why now all Sabatti target rifles come with multi radial rifling. The multi-radial rifling lends itself so perfectly to the cold hammer forging that the overall performance and quality of all the barrels has stepped up.

The specific rifling geometry makes it possible for the chamber neck and freebore to guide the bullers into the rifling more precisely and steadily — the bullet matches the barrel axis in the best possible way thus reducing the fliers. Multi Radial Rifling Sabatti S. Group concentration is substantially improved. Number of Fliers is drastically reduced Shooters can improve performance by polishing the bore with abrasive paste pads with no fear of ruining the rifling edges.

Category: Rifles.The name of the Sabatti guns factory, headquartered in the northern Italian town of Gardone Val Trompia, is well known between European long-range shooters.

Carabine SABATTI STR Desert .308

Its high-quality, high performance products are crafted with the best quality in mind and always keeping an eye on typical Italian style, and they go for a fairly low price if compared with other guns of the same category.

The baseline model of the series, dubbed the Tactical Lfeatures a totally adjustable laminated stock, a Match trigger and a mm or mm barrel with either conventional or radial rifling, coming in either matte black or satin finish and with either a 22mm or 27mm muzzle. Overall weight for the "Tactical L" ranges from 4. Available calibers and other technical specs remain the same, exception made for the overall weight, which ranges from 5.

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All inquiries and orders should be placed directly with the company. Pricing for all models is available on the manufacturer's website all prices are in Euros. The Sabatti ST is a "multi-purpose" bolt-action rifle that can express its best performances in many different situations: competitive sport shooting, professional use and hunting. We tested the 6. In a press conference at the company's headquarters in Gardone, Italy, Sabatti introduced today the new Tactical EVO bolt-action rifle.

Read here why this model is so innovative. It's available now!

Ruger Precision Rifle

Watch our video-test too. It will be the gun we will test in the coming hunting season: the latest ER version of the Sabatti's Saphire rifle is lightweight and durable, with new stock and barrel features that make it suitable for long-range shooting.

The barrel can be easily replaced with a barrel of a different caliber. Here is exclusive video: Emanuele Sabatti, the owner of the company, presents the new model and its …. Two very similar rifles — even if intended for different uses — featuring cutting-edge solutions in the choice of composite materials and in several, carefully studied details. They both have carbon wrapped, cold-hammered steel barrels and glass-fiber reinforced synthetic stocks.

In this video we take you with us during the evening wait for wild boars in winter. Once again we rely on the accuracy of the Sabatti Rover bolt action rifle in. Sabatti introduces a completely new rifle, built in collaboration with one of the leading long range shooting experts. The ST is an extremely versatile rifle, designed for competitive and tactical shooting, but that can also be used for hunting if need arises. Calibers available are. A hunting trip dedicated to wild boar cull using two great classics that are ideal for precision and reliability, the Sabatti Rover bolt action rifle equipped with a Swarovski Z6i riflescope.

The STR Sabatti Tactical Rifle is an all-Italian weapon intended for "field" use: very accurate and enjoyable at the shooting range, it can be used with great satisfaction even when hunting. Sabatti S.


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